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Business Services

Consultation and Estimates

Our experts will make recommendations of hardware and software based on your unique needs and give you an estimate to get the job done. Minimum charge of 1 hour. $30/hr.

Software Implementation

We will setup and install any purchased software on site. $35/hr.

Hardware Implementation

We will set up and install new hardware on site whether you bought the hardware from us or someone else. $35/hr.

Database Service

From converting databases to new systems or creating entirely new databases, our technical team will make it happen. $40/hr.

Trip Charges

When our technicians are required to come on site, charges apply depending on your location. Inside Columbia city limits is only $10. Up to 10 miles outside of Columbia is $20. 11-20 miles outside Columbia is $35, and 21-50 miles outside Columbia is $50.

Networking Service

See our Networking Solutions page for details on pricing and services offered.

Preventative Maintenance Plan

We will create an estimate based on the number of hours we expect to spend maintaining your systems. The final amount depends on how many computers and servers you have that will need regular maintenance. Regular maintenance is defined as an on site checkup of all systems once per quarter. Details on maintenance items is available upon request.

Annual Payment Plan

No Trip Charges and you only pay $35/hr in the final estimate.

Quarterly Payment Plan

50% discount on Trip Charges and you pay $40/hr in the final estimate.

Unscheduled Maintenance

Any emergency or immediate required service that is not part of the Maintenance Plan is $50/hr. Trip Charges apply. $25.