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We can set it up for you and show you how to use it for only $65.

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Our experts can find the best parts, the best deal, and assemble a computer to meet your needs. Only $30/hour

Common PC Repairs

PC Tune-up

To keep your PC running at its best, we'll boost your PC's speed and cleanup any dust and dirt buildup inside the case. $15.


Don't know what's wrong with your PC? We'll diagnose hardware and software to let you know what can be done to get it fixed. $50.

Virus/Spyware/Adware Removal

If you computer is infected, we’ll get it cleaned up and make sure you can use your computer normally. $99.

System Restore

When your computer just isn’t what it used to be, we can make it work like the day you bought it. Data Backup not included. $99.

Restore CD

To protect your computer from any major operating system failures, it’s a good idea to get your system files backed up. $25.

Data Transfer

We’ll move up to 10 GB of any of your files to a DVD or USB Flash Drive (flash drive or DVD included). $65.

Data Recovery

Missing files? We can recover your lost or deleted files. If we can’t get your files back, we don’t charge you. $149.

Smartphone/Tablet Repair

Cracked screens and blown speakers are no match for our technicians. We can replace damaged parts. $30/hour.

Other Laptop Repair

Didn't find what you need on our list? We'll fix it anyway. For Laptop computers. $35/hour.

Other Desktop Repair

Didn't find what you need? We'll fix it anyway. For Desktop computers. $25/hour.

Installation Services

Install My Software

We'll install any software you bring in with your PC or that we can download. Software purchase not included. $15.

Install Memory (RAM)

Sometimes adding more memory to your PC can help it run the latest software and games. RAM sold separately. $20.

Install a PCI Device

Video cards, modems, sound cards, and other internal upgrades are installed. Hardware sold separately. $25.

Install a New or Add a Hard Drive

Whether you need a replacement hard drive or want an additional one installed, we can make it happen. $35.

Install an Operating System

Tired of your old version of Windows or Mac? We can install a new or upgraded Operating System. Software sold separately. $75.

Install a Wireless Device

We can install and configure a wireless adapter to make your PC connect to your home network. Hardware sold separately. $30.

Install a Peripheral

Peripherals are the stuff outside your computer. Printers, cameras, bluetooth devices, etc, can be installed. Hardware not included. $20.

Wireless Network Setup

We will come to your home and setup a wireless network for all your devices. Hardware not included. Trips outside Columbia incur additional charges. $40/hour.

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